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I’ve said it once and I will say it again…my FAVORITE part of photographing families is the opportunity to watch them grow!  I met the Herber Family last year right before Grayson turned one year old (you can see how much he’s grown by clicking here).  Oh, what a difference a year makes!  He kept us on our toes during our session by running and finding every fun stick or leaf our location had to offer.  I had so much fun capturing his expressions! Major props to his mom for thinking to bring bubbles – they certainly brought out some smiles.  Their dogs came along for the ride again this year and they were hilarious to watch as they chased/herded/licked their brother.  I had to include a photo of what happened when we went over by the pond – Grayson literally started trying to undress himself because he wanted so badly to swim.  Happy second birthday, sweet Grayson!  I can’t wait to see how much you grow this year!




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Lucy’s Grandpa, Pete, bought this Jayhawk for her when she was a little girl in a charity auction.  I’ve loved seeing these “Jayhawk on Parade” sculptures spread all over Lawrence, and Pete is lucky enough to have “Lucy’s Jayhawk” displayed in his backyard since he made the purchase.  The Jayhawk is about to head to its “forever home” at the Lied Center.  Lucy was in town from the east coast on her spring break, and I am so happy they reached out to have some photographs taken of the three of them together before Lucy’s Jayhawk moves to the Lied Center.


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Meet Brooke and Paul! We met up on a very chilly Saturday to do their engagement session, although you wouldn’t know it was cold from these photos!  They were troopers, and Brooke’s daughter kept us all warm from laughing with her comments, funny faces and ENERGY!  I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next month at the Baker Wetland Discovery Center!  Take a look at our time together downtown: 

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When Brianne contacted me about photographing the birth of their daughter via surrogate, she shared a bit of their story with me. From that moment, I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I absolutely wanted to be a part of. Brianne and her husband, Scott, have waited seven years for this moment. Madie, their surrogate, was pregnant with their last embryo. I got to meet all of them for maternity photos, and it was clear that they had all become good friends through this process and were overjoyed that Baby Elle was getting close to making her debut.

After a false alarm during some nasty weather, an induction date that got bumped a day at the last minute (can you imagine getting the call that your induction has been moved just 4 short hours before you were slated to check in?!)…I arrived at 2:45 in the morning just in time for them to break Madie’s water. Madie labored on her side with a “peanut” exercise ball to help get Baby Elle into place. Madie’s husband was by her side the whole time, sporting a shirt Scott and Brianne had gotten him that said “Its Not Mine” – hilarious!

While we waited for things to get going, each of the couples exchanged gifts. Madie and her family had gotten Elle an ADORABLE book called “Elle’s ABC’s” and a baby book that will soon be full of photos! Brianne and Scott gave Madie and a scrapbook that documented everything from their first meeting together to the photographs of Madie’s growing belly with Baby Elle month by month.

Shortly after that, Madie got her epidural,which provided some much needed relaxation. And a much needed nap. 🙂 Everyone thought for sure the baby would be here by 6:30, instead 8:12am was when she arrived! She was absolutely perfect and has the sweetest cheeks. She was placed right into Brianne’s arms.

Even though I’ve seen them over a dozen times at this point, I still cry when I see the series of photos where Scott and Brianne lay eyes on their baby girl. Being in the room when Elle was born was nothing short of magical. Welcome to the world, baby Elle. You are SO loved!

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How beautiful is my cousin Elizabeth?!   Oh, and Ryan is handsome, too, of course!  🙂 They came to Lawrence on a snowy day and I was honestly thrilled at the idea of being able to use the big snow flakes for a winter maternity session.  Some highlights from our time together:

  • I think the snow accentuates Elizabeth’s pregnancy glow!
  • The chair we used for portraits is actually from our Grandpa’s veterinary clinic waiting area back in the day.  My Grandma kept them and used them as extra patio seating.  You know how you keep something long enough it comes back into style?  That is exactly what happened with these chairs (thanks, Ikea, for making them popular again)! 🙂

Elizabeth and Ryan – thank you for being such good sports in the snow! I am so happy with how the turned out and cannot WAIT to meet Baby Luke when he arrives in February.

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