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Cece’s Favorite Things: 6-9 Months


Cece has grown a TON the last few months – she’s a chunky monkey with lots of personality. Her eyes flat out sparkle and she loves taking in everything around her. Some of her favorite things the past few months are as follows:

  • Learning Farm – She sits in front of this quite a bit and loves the sounds/activities on it. We have also started helping her to stand up with it, pretty soon she will be using it as a walker (EEK)! I have all the songs memorized on the learning farm. They easily get stuck in your head, so consider this your warning (welcome to our learning farm, we have lots to show you!  shapes and colors, music too…there’s so much to dooooo)! 🙂
  • Bumbo – her thighs are too chunky now to use this, but when she was just starting to sit up it was a big help. The tray that you can get with it was a big help, too, since she wasn’t quite big/strong enough to sit in her high chair.
  • Chefs Table – We love this Netflix series and there is something captivating for Cece during the opening. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons plays and she stops whatever she is doing and just stares at it. Hilarious and adorable!
  • Food! Girlfriend has yet to meet a food she doesn’t like! A fave for me to give her as a snack are these puffs. Right now she is digging the purple carrot/blueberry ones and I’ll admit I tried a few and am a fan as well!
  • Here in Lawrence, one of her favorite spots to visit (besides the Merc) is Ryan Gray Playground for ALL, which is at Hillcrest Elementary. Its pretty much the most amazing playground I’ve ever been to!

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