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Cece’s Favorite Things: Newborn – 3 months Recap

  • Rock and Play: This invention is a life saver. It came highly recommended from multiple friends/family members and did not disappoint. It does not take up a lot of space and is super easy to fold up and take with you, which was handy when we went on trips. I loved having it next to the bed and easily look in to check on her during the night. My favorite new mom hack with the rock and play was to utilize its auto time feature. As she got older, I didn’t want her to get used to being rocked to sleep for hours. The power button has a setting where it can rock for forty five minutes and then shut off, which was fantastic. As you can tell from the photo, our dog Madie also enjoyed the fact she could peak in and check on Cece every now and then! 🙂

  • Halo Swaddles and Swaddle Me Swaddles: Cece HATED swaddles at first. In her sonogram photos, she always had a hand on her check, so I chalked her hatred of them up to the fact she couldn’t soothe herself since her hands were in the swaddle (see Rock and Play photo for proof hands on cheeks her thing for awhile).  I literally had put them in the “donate” pile in her closet when my Aunt urged me to try them again, around 6 weeks. They were MAGICAL! I think the first night she slept 7 hours and I nearly cried with joy! We eventually got in a great evening routine of nursing, swaddle, rock and play.
  • Megs Original Blanket – There is just something soothing about this blanket. Cece has loved it from the beginning, I’m not sure if it is how soft it is or the texture. Its just the right size to use to keep her warm while nursing and machine washable (win/win)!  Its covering her in the photo of Madie checking on her while she’s in the rock and play above!
  • Tiny Animal Mobile: Right at month three, Cece thought this mobile was the most hilarious thing EVER. She was mesmerized and would giggle as it moved around. The nice thing about it, too, is that its portable and can be clipped onto pack and plays, strollers, etc if need be. For her first week at daycare, we brought it so she could have the something familiar to see.
  • On the Go Travel Sleep Sheep/Giraffe: The sheep version was out of stock around the time of our baby shower, so Cece has the equally cute Giraffe version (its the one in the photo above where it looks like she is saying “OMG Mom! There are giraffes in my crib!”). It plays multiple different sounds/songs, including just white noise. We’d turn that on in her crib during nap time and it seemed to soothe her right to sleep.
  • Jolene "MOJO" Grabill - February 7, 2017 - 2:35 am

    I want to echo your praise for both the swaddles and the “Rock ‘n Play”. It was hard for me to believe in the beginning, but I don’t think you can get the swaddle too tight, at least not for a girl who has fierce arm and hand motions like Cece!

    Seriously, though, the swaddles and the Rock ‘n Play on top of a consistent bedtime routine [Great work Ashley & Erik!] created such an easy transition to bedtime for Cece that babysitting was all fun and no struggle!ReplyCancel

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