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Cece’s Favorite Things – Summer edition

Last week, FINALLY, first steps and first teeth happened for Cece!  We have felt like she was on the cusp of both for a long time now.  She is now “officially” on the go, with two bottom teeth that add to her ornery and adorable grin! For what she has lacked in mobility the last few months she has more than made up for with her words.  So, I bring you the latest edition of “Cece’s favorite things” – complete with her version of what each of these items is called.  🙂

Starting from the top left:

  • “Woof woof” – no coincidence it looks like Truman, who unfortunately passed away before Cece made her arrival into the world.  Cece’s “Mojo” gifted this to her and she loves it.  Her first word was “dog” and, honestly, we are pretty sure she likes dogs more than people. Her words for dog are: puppy, woof woof or “DAG!”
  • “Ba!”  This stuffed ball was a gift from a friend.  It is so soft and she thinks its hilarious to throw it and try to play catch.
  • “Woof woof book” For obvious reasons, this book is super entertaining to her.  She loves anything related to puppets or finger puppets lately and often tries to give the “DAG!” a kiss.
  • Teether – This pineapple teether was a gift from her BFF Rye at her birthday party!  It’s from Sweet Tea and Caviar, an ADORABLE baby boutique here in Lawrence.
  • “Wa!” This Munchkin cup, by far, has been Cece’s favorite straw cup. She is really into handles for some reason, and Mom/Dad are really into the fact this cup won’t spill. 🙂
  • My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards – Lets just say there is a reason why these have over fifteen hundred reviews on amazon and they are ALL five star reviews. The back of the flash cards also have prompts for parents to use. She loves touching them, turning them over and over while saying the word. You can literally watch the wheels turning in her brain when she plays with them, its awesome!
  • Calculator – So her obsession with these started over the Holidays when she came across a very old one at my parents house. Something about punching the buttons and the screen…its either that or she’s already a math nerd!
  • Giraffe (Wub a nub) – She has two of these, and they have been a hit since she was super little. What I love about them is that the are machine washable, and once we are ready to try and get rid of the pacifier habit, we can simply clip it off and she can still hold onto the giraffe part.   Genius!
  • Teething wafers – Holy moly. These have been a life saver. They aren’t messy and she loves getting to knaw at them and soothe her gums. They look like tiny surf board but they are ACTUALLY magic! 🙂
  • Teddy Bear: “Teddy!  B!  Bear!” This is her fave picture card right now. She’s super into bears for some reason.
  • Because, why WOULDN’T bubbles be one of her favorite things this summer!   Classic!

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