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I see you, mamas: Advice for moms to simplify photoshoot planning

advice and tips for moms when planning photoshoot with kids

I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time, and with my busy season fast approaching I thought the time was right to sit down and write it.  I have a confession. When we did our first family photos with Cece as a newborn, I thought as a new mom and photographer I would have it ALL together. I knew all the tips/tricks/etc, they would be a breeze, right?!  Well…to borrow one of Cece’s latest phrases: “YEAH…no.” As it turns out (and I know this will come as a SHOCK), there are some pretty intense logistics that go into preparing and taking new photos with an infant (and for kids in general).  From nursing, to outfit changes, snotty noses, bad attitudes, to having to ask your husband to make changes to his wardrobe when he was SUPER excited (NOT) about going to take photos in the first place, there is a lot to think about and plan for.  And as a mom, you put everyone AND everything ahead of you leading up to showing up for the shoot. And, ironically enough, you are the one who has done the most planning and prep work because you want nothing more than lovely photos of your family. As a mom, you know your babies are little for a short time and you want to capture every beautiful moment you can.  

Well, I see you, mama.  

And I’m here to offer a few tricks, if I can, to help simplify the process.  

  • Hair/makeup: If you can swing it, schedule your hair appointment for the day of the shoot.  That way it’s styled FOR you and you can take that off your “to do” list! Bonus points if your stylist can also do your makeup.  I know several makeup artists in town and am happy to pass along their information to you!
  • Outfits: I find its most helpful if I just set out my husbands outfit and shoes.  It’s all ready to go, you don’t have to go back and forth between shirts or worse…have him pick something out and then discourage him by saying it won’t work for the color scheme you had in mind.  You know the drill – simple is better. Make it easy peazy.
  • For your kiddos: Fill their bellies with a meal or snacks prior to putting on their outfits.  Bring a back up just in case! Also, you know your kids the best – would a snack or treat work to bribe them back to happiness if they take a turn during the shoot? A promise of ice cream afterwards? Bring these items (or plans) with you to the shoot just in case.  I promise you, its perfectly fine to take a little break to regroup.

I see so many of my mamas frazzled after the shoot, and I know the sentence that’s going through her head is: “I hope she at least got a couple good ones of the kids.”  Please know this – I got some fantastic ones of your kids. And I also promise I got some beautiful ones of you, too!

I see you, mamas, and I’ve got your back!

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